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Snap Count: Jabari Moore tops Army in plays

Jabari Moore’s favorite part of Army’s bye week was a deeper look into what the Black Knights’ defense could have done better in their three games.

“I feel like there’s a lot of attention to detail in the things that went wrong in the weeks before because I feel like as you are going week to week and game to game, you don’t have much time to reflect on what you’ve been doing wrong that season,” said Moore, Army’s cornerback.

Moore has been on the field more than any Army player through the first quarter of the season. He’s played 204 of the 208 defensive snaps for the Black Knights. Senior all-American linebacker Andre Carter is second with 180 snaps.

Junior lineman Jackson Filipowicz, Army’s starting left guard, is first on offense with 169 (out of 177) snaps. Senior center Connor Bishop and junior lineman Connor Finucane has been on the field for 168 plays.

Army’s quarterback snaps have been nearly split between Tyhier Tyler (88) and Cade Ballard (80).

Junior Austin Hill has played the most snaps along Army’s defensive line with 108.

The Black Knights have used 41 players on defense, the same amount as last season.

Total snaps

Offense (36 players)

LG-C Jackson Filipowicz 169
C Connor Bishop 168
OL Connor Finucane 168
SB Tyrell Robinson 150
T David Hayward 111
TE Josh Lingenfelter 109
FB Tyson Riley 98
WR Cole Caterbone 91
QB Tyhier Tyler 88
WR Isaiah Alston 80
QB Cade Ballard 80
SB Braheam Murphy 79
T Shayne Buckingham 78
SB Ay’Jaun Marshall 74
FB Jakobi Buchanan 65
WR Veshe Daniyan 61
T Simon Dellinger 55
T Beau Lombardi 52
G Sam Barczak 47
SB Maurice Bellan 20
TE Blane Cleaver 16
SB Miles Stewart 16
*FB Hayden Reed 12
T Boobie Law 10
G Will Jeffcoat 9
G Aidan Gaines 7
QB Jemel Jones 6
WR Casey Reynolds 5
QB Bryson Daily 3
FB Jarel Dickson 3
C Davis Wulf 3
*WR Liam Fortner 2
T David Hoyt 2
*G Ryan Scott 2
TE David Crossan 1
TE Will Montesi 1

Defense (41 players)

CB Jabari Moore 204
LB Andre Carter 180
LB Jimmy Ciarlo 178
S Marquel Broughton 172
LB Leo Lowin 164
S Quindrelin Hammonds 161
DE Austin Hill 108
DE Kwabena Bonsu 105
DE Nate Smith 105
CB Cam Jones 90
LB Kalvyn Crummie 89
*CB Donavan Platt 89
NT Darius Richardson 77
LB Peyton Hampton 68
NT Tyler Komorowski 65
DE Chris Frey 56
NT Isaiah Filisi 40
LB Cam O’Gara 39
S Aaron Bibbins 38
LB Spencer Jones 36
S D’Andre Tobias 36
LB Jackson Powell 35
CB Bo Nicolas-Paul 32
S Max DiDomenico 16
DE Trey Sofia 14
LB Fabrice Voyne 14
LB Chance Keith 9
*NT Jacob Tuioti 9
LB Josiah Banks 6
CB Isaiah Morris 6
CB Daelen Smith 6
S Tommy Zitiello 6
*DE Kemari Copeland 5
*LB Eric Ford 4
LB Brett Gerena 4
LB Cole Mabry 4
*CB Jayden Mayes 4
DE Andre Miller 4
DE Nikai Butler 2
DE Kyle Lewis 1
*LB Noah Short 1

* – freshman

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