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Snap Count: Connor Finucane tops Army returning offensive players

Photo by Lynn Fern/Black Knight Nation

The contributions of offensive linemen can often go unnoticed in college football.

In Army’s option offense, the M.O.B. (Malicious Offensive Line Brotherhood) is vital to the team’s success. And, Connor Finucane’s presence was a steady force for Army during the 2021 season.

Finucane, now a junior guard, took the most 2021 snaps of any returning Army offensive player. He finished second on the Black Knights with 681 snaps played (behind offensive lineman Noah Knapp’s 719). Finucane was one of three offensive players to start all 13 games in 2021 along with Knapp and slotback Brandon Walters.

Army graduated five of its top eight offensive linemen (Knapp, Mason Kolinchak, Kam Holloway, Dean Powell and Zack Ward) but return starters Finucane, senior center and captain Connor Bishop and junior tackle Boobie Law.

Finucane, Bishop and Law combined to play 1,690 snaps in 2021. The rest of Army’s returning players took a combined 3,023 snaps.

Here’s a list of the returning players and their 2021 snap counts:

G Connor Finucane: 681
T Boobie Law: 509
C Connor Bishop: 500
SB Tyrell Robinson: 439
WR Cole Caterbone: 347
WR Isaiah Alston: 313
SB Braheam Murphy: 281
QB Tyhier Tyler: 257
FB Jakobi Buchanan: 246
TE Josh Lingenfelter: 240
SB Ay’Jaun Marshall: 123
WR Ryan Jackovic: 102
FB Tyson Riley: 85
QB Jemel Jones: 82
G Sam Barczak: 80
T Simon Dellinger: 80
C Jackson Filipowicz: 60
SB Justin Lescouflair: 56
WR Brandon Jones: 42
G Aidan Gaines: 37
T David Hayward: 37
QB Cade Ballard: 30
FB Shacori Williams: 27
G Dayton Baugh: 20
T Chris Hunter: 19
T Shayne Buckingham: 11
SB Maurice Bellan: 3 (as QB)
T David Hoyt: 2
G Beau Lombardi: 2
C Cooper Smith: 2

2021 snap counts by position (* graduated):

QB: Christian Anderson 390*; Tyhier Tyler 257; Jemel Jones 82; Jabari Laws
82*; Cade Ballard 30, Maurice Bellan 3

FB: Cade Barnard 327*; Jakobi Buchanan 246; Anthony Adkins 158; Tyson Riley
85; Wilson Catoe 75*; Shacori Williams 27

SB: Tyrell Robinson 439; Brandon Walters 404*; A.J. Howard 305*; Braheam
Murphy 281; Ay’Jaun Marshall 123; Laquan Veney 68; Justin Lescouflair 56;
Markens Pierre 14

WR: Cole Caterbone: 347; Isaiah Alston 313; Reikan Donaldson 235; Mike
Roberts 135*; Ryan Jackovic: 102; Brandon Jones 42: Sean Eckert 24*; Jalen Moy

TE: Chris Cameron 245*l Josh Lingenfelter 240; Danny Joiner 4

OL: Noah Knapp 719; G Connor Finucane: 681; Boobie Law: 509; Connor Bishop:
500; Dean Powell 485; Mason Kolinchak 482; Kam Holloway 392; Zack Ward 175; Sam
Barczak 80; Simon Dellinger 80; Jackson Filipowicz 60; Aidan Gaines 37; David
Hayward 37; Dayton Baugh 20; Chris Hunter 19; Shayne Buckingham 11; David Hoyt
2; Beau Lombardi 2; Cooper Smith 2

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Don

    June 3, 2022 at 6:07 PM

    Man, the last few snaps Laws took sure were critical in the Bowl game.

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