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PODCAST: Mike Mayweather

Mike Mayweather is the last Army football player to receive a Heisman vote.

Mayweather finished 10th in the voting for the 1990 trophy, receiving three first-place votes.

Army all-time leading rusher joined the Black Knight Nation podcast to talk about growing up in East St. Louis, finding a mentor, his college recruitment that included Notre Dame, Stanford and Georgia Tech and how Army wasn’t originally sold on him as a football player.

“My understanding was the football team was not going as a recruit for admissions,” said Mayweather, Army’s first-team all-American running back who finished with 4,299 yards in his career.

Mayweather also talks about the process of getting his release from the Army to pursue the NFL a few years after he graduated with the Eagles.

Watch our interview with Mike Mayweather above

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