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Offense breakdown: Air Force

Photo by Danny Wild

Army center Connor Bishop was the only offensive player to take all 56 snaps in a 21-14 overtime win over Air Force.

Quarterback Tyhier Tyler has rushed for a touchdown in four straight games.

Senior fullback Cade Barnard was one that coach Jeff Monken mentioned playing well in the victory. Barnard, who did not have a carry, embraced his role as a blocker and split some of his snaps lining up as a slot or wing back.

Army’s longest rush of the day was 10 yards by Tyrell Robinson and A.J. Howard.

Possessions: 11. Touchdowns – 3.  Turnovers – 0. Punts – 5. Three-and-outs – 4. Drive of 7 or more plays – 4 ( 1 TD). Longest drive – 12 plays, 76 yards, 7:53, second quarter, missed field goal

Third-down conversions: 5-for-14. Fourth-down conversions: 1-for-2

Time of Possession: 29 minutes, 3 seconds

Average starting field position (in regulation): Army 34. Best start: Air Force 45. Statistics includes overtime possession at Air Force 25

Rushing (1) – Tyhier Tyler, 9 yards, 3rd quarter (5th of season, 10th career)

Passing (1) – Christian Anderson, 79 yards to Tyrell Robinson, third quarter. Anderson fourth passing TD this season, 6th career. Robinson 3rd receiving TD this season, 5th career.

Fumble (1) – Boobie Law, 0 yards, overtime, first career TD

20+-yard plays:  3. (Isaiah Alston 48-yard catch, Tyrell Robinson 39-yard catch, Robinson 79-yard catch

Triple-option distribution: Quarterback (Tyhier Tyler, Christian Anderson) 24 carries, 42 yards, TD; Fullbacks (Jakobi Buchanan, Anthony Adkins) 11 carries, 33 yards; Slotbacks (Tyrell Robinson, Brandon Walters, Braheam Murphy, A.J. Howard) 8 carries, 27 yards

Here’s the breakdown of the 56 offensive snaps (as charted off DVR)

*C Connor Bishop (56 snaps): 14th career start
*T Mason Kolinchak (55 snaps): 5th career start
*G Noah Knapp (51 snaps): 15th career start
*T Boobie Law (47 snaps): 10th career start
*G Connor Finucane (41 snaps): 9th career start
*SB Tyrell Robinson (41 snaps): 2 catches, 118 yards, TD, 4 carries, 18 yards, 14th career start
*FB Cade Barnard (37 snaps): 4th career start
*WR Cole Caterbone (30 snaps): 1 catch, 7 yards, 7th career start
QB Christian Anderson (29 snaps): 7-for-12, 175 yards, TD, 9 carries, 3 yards
*SB Brandon Walters (29 snaps): 1 catch, 10 yards, 2 carries, 4 yards, 18th career start
WR Isaiah Alston (27 snaps): 4 catches, 79 yards
WR Reikan Donaldson (27 snaps)
*QB Tyhier Tyler (27 snaps): 15 carries, 39 yards, TD, 1-for-1 passing, 39 yards
G Dean Powell (20 snaps):
FB Anthony Adkins (19 snaps): 7 carries, 21 yards,
*TE Chris Cameron (15 snaps): 8th career start
SB A.J. Howard (15 snaps): 1 carry, 10 yards
TE Josh Lingenfelter (14 snaps)
FB Jakobi Buchanan (12 snaps): 4 carries, 12 yards
SB Braheam Murphy (11 snaps): 1 carry, -5 yards
T Kam Holloway (10 snaps)
FB Wilson Catoe (3 snaps)

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