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Offensive breakdown: UConn

Junior guard Sam Barczak took a team-high 53 snaps in Army’s 52-21 win over UConn.

Both Jeff Monken and offensive coordinator Brent Davis talked about Barczak’s block that sprung Tyrell Robinson’s 70-yard touchdown run.

“He played 53 snaps and that’s far away the most football that he’s ever played,” Davis said of Barczak. “He earned every snap that he took because he practiced really well last week.”

Davis said that Robinson’s run will be on a clinic tape.

“That play, we blocked about as well as you can block,” Davis said. “That goes from the guys that lined up at receiver and got to the right guy, the slotback that got to the safety. It just so happened that it went to a guy that could finish the run and take it 70 yards.

Army scored a touchdown on its first six drives. Three of the drives were less four plays or less and all took two minutes or less.

Thirty-six players received snaps on offense including sophomore fullback Shacori Williams and freshmen offensive linemen Chris Hunter, David Hoyt and Cooper Smith, who made their college debuts.

Senior guard Zack Ward played 43 snaps in his first start. Ward and tight end Josh Lingenfelter were the only starters to play in the second half with 19 and six snaps respectively.

Simon Dellinger split his 36 snaps at tackle (19) and tight end (17).

Fullback Jakobi Buchanan extended his rushing touchdown streak to four straight games.

Senior fullback Wilson Catoe scored his first career touchdown. The former linebacker is the ninth different Army player to reach the end zone this season.

Stat of the week: Christian Anderson has thrown a touchdown pass in each of Army’s first three games. He is the first Army quarterback to accomplish the feat since Zac Dahman in 2005.

Rushing yards by quarter: First quarter – 112; Second quarter – 141; Third quarter – 86; Fourth quarter – 58

Possessions: 10. Touchdowns – 7.  Turnovers – 0. Punts – 0. Three-and-outs – 0. Drive of 7 or more plays – 4 (3 TDs, FG). Longest drive – 18 plays, 64 yards, 11:17, fourth quarter, TD

Third-down conversions: 5-of-9. Fourth-down conversions: 2-for-3

Time of Possession: 40 minutes, 36 seconds

Average starting field position (in regulation): Army 38. Best start: UConn 33.

Rushing (6) – Christian Anderson, 2 yards, 1st quarter (2nd rushing TD of season, 10th career); Christian Anderson, 1 yard, second quarter (3rd of season, 11th career); Tyrell Robinson, 70 yards, second quarter (2nd of season, 2nd career); Jakobi Buchanan 2 yards, second quarter (4th of season, 10th career); Anthony Adkins 1 yard, second quarter (2nd season, 7th career); Wilson Catoe, 2 yards, third quarter (1st of season, 1st career)

Passing (1) – Isaiah Alston from Christian Anderson, 39 yards, first quarter (1st career receiving TD, Anderson 3rd TD pass season, 5th career TD pass)

20+-yard plays: 3 (3 run, 3 pass). Brandon Walters, 58 yards, run, first quarter, Isaiah Alston, 39 yards, pass, first quarter; Tyrell Robinson, 70 yards, run, second quarter; Josh Lingenfelter, 31 yards, pass, second quarter; Anthony Adkins, 21 yards, run, second quarter; Ryan Jackovic, 37 yards, pass, third quarter

Negative-yardage plays: 2. Rushing (Justin Lescouflair, -3 yards, Jemel Jones -1 yard)

Triple-option distribution: Quarterback (Christian Anderson, Jemel Jones, Jabari Laws) 23 carries, 91 yards, TD; Fullbacks (Jakobi Buchanan, Anthony Adkins, Cade Barnard, Wilson Catoe, Shacori Williams) 32 carries, 124 yards, 3 TD; Slotbacks (Tyrell Robinson, Brandon Walters, Braheam Murphy, A.J. Howard, Laquan Veney, Justin Lescouflair) 12 carries, 182 yards, TD

Penalties: 0.

Here’s a player breakdown of the 70 snaps (as charted off DVR, * – starter):

G Sam Barczak (53 snaps)
T Kam Holloway (49 snaps)
QB Jemel Jones (46 snaps): 16 carries, 67 yards, 1-for-1, 37 yards
*G Zack Ward (43 snaps): 1st career start
C Jackson Filipowicz (38 snaps)
SB Justin Lescouflair (38 snaps): 3 carries, 7 yards
SB Laquan Veney (38 snaps): 1 carry, 12 yards
T-TE Simon Dellinger (35 snaps)
*C Noah Knapp (32 snaps): 10th career start
TE Chris Cameron (29 snaps)
*RT Connor Finucane (29 snaps): 4th career start
FB Wilson Catoe (26 snaps): 10 carries, 35 yards, TD
*LT Boobie Law (23 snaps): 5th career start
*QB Christian Anderson (22 snaps): 6 carries, 21 yards, 2 TD, 2-for-2, 70 yards, TD, 8th career start
SB Braheam Murphy (21 snaps): 1 carry, 10 yards
G Dayton Baugh (20 snaps)
SB A.J. Howard (20 snaps): 3 carries, 11 yards
*TE Josh Lingenfelter (20 snaps): 1 catch, 31 yards, 2nd career start
*RG Dean Powell (20 snaps): 7th career start
T Chris Hunter (19 snaps): college debut
WR Brandon Jones (16 snaps)
FB Anthony Adkins (15 snaps): 10 carries, 58 yards, TD
WR Ryan Jackovic (15 snaps): 1 catch, 37 yards
FB Shacori Williams (14 snaps): 7 carries, 23 yards
*FB Cade Barnard (13 snaps): 2 carries, 4 yards, 2nd career start
*WR Cole Caterbone (12 snaps): 5th career start
WR Reikan Donaldson (12 snaps)
*SB Tyrell Robinson (12 snaps): 3 carries, 84 yards, TD, 9th career start
WR Isaiah Alston (11 snaps): 1 catch, 39 yards, TD
*SB Brandon Walters (11 snaps): 1 carry, 58 yards, 13th start
FB Jakobi Buchanan (7 snaps): 3 carries, 4 yards, TD
WR Mike Roberts (7 snaps)
G Grady Chapman (2 snaps)
T David Hoyt (2 snaps): college debut
QB Jabari Laws (2 snaps): 1 carry, 3 yards)
G Cooper Smith (2 snaps): college debut

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