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Offense breakdown: Georgia State

A.J. Howard reacts after scoring a touchdown against Georgia State. Photo provided by Army West Point Athletics.

Thirty-four players saw action on offense in Army’s 43-10 season-opening win over Georgia State Saturday.

Senior right guard Dean Powell played the most snaps (60).

Sophomore tight end Josh Lingenfelter and sophomore fullback Tyson Riley made their first career starts.

Fullback snaps were split between five players from seven to 22 plays.

Six players made their college debut: freshman slotback Laquan Veney, center Jackson Filipowicz, guard Sam Barczak, tackle Simon Dellinger, guard Beau Lombardi and tackle Ben Koch.

Stats of the week: Not sure how this is completely figured out but Army’s quarterback rating for the game was 445.80. Christian Anderson and Jemel Jones became the first Army quarterbacks to throw a touchdown pass in the same game since Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Carter against Lafayette on Oct. 15, 2016. Will need more time to research the last time against Division I-A opponent.

Rushing yards by quarter: First quarter – 75; Second quarter – 78; Third quarter – 49; Fourth quarter – 56

Possessions: 10. Touchdowns – 6.  Turnovers – 0. Punts – 2. Three-and-outs – 0. Drive of 7 or more plays – 5 (4 TDs, FG). Longest drive – 13 plays, 60 yards, 8:02, third quarter, FG

Third-down conversions: 10-of-16. Fourth-down conversions: 3-for-3

Time of Possession: 42 minutes, 7 seconds

Average starting field position (in regulation): Army 45. Best start: Georgia State 9.

Rushing – Tyson Riley, 4 yards, first quarter (1st career rushing TD); A.J. Howard, 4 yards, first quarter (1st career rushing TD); Jakobi Buchanan, 2 yards, second quarter (7th career rushing TD); Christian Anderson 2 yards, second quarter (9th career rushing TD)

Passing – Tyrell Robinson from Christian Anderson, 40 yards, third quarter (1st career receiving TD, Anderson 3rd career TD pass); Braheam Murphy from Jemel Jones, 32 yards, fourth quarter (1st career receiving TD, Jones 3rd career TD pass)

20+-yard plays: 3. Sean Eckert, 26 yards, catch, first quarter; Tyrell Robinson, 40 yards, catch, third quarter; Braheam Murphy, 32 yards, catch, fourth quarter

Negative-yardage plays: 4. Rushing – Christian Anderson (2 yards, 1 yard); Braheam Murphy (2 yards); Jabari Laws 2 yards)

Triple-option distribution: Quarterback (Tyhier Tyler, Christian Anderson, Jemel Jones, Jabari Laws) 30 carries, 108 yards, TD; Fullbacks (Tyson Riley, Jakobi Buchanan, Anthony Adkins, Cade Barnard, Wilson Catoe) 31 carries, 120 yards, 2 TD; Slotbacks (A.J. Howard, Tyrell Robinson, Braheam Murphy) 6 carries, 30 yards, TD

Penalties: 1. False start (Chris Cameron).

Here’s a player breakdown of the 71 snaps (as charted off DVR, * – starter):

*RG Dean Powell (60 snaps, 5th career start)
*LG-C Noah Knapp (58 snaps, 8th career start)
*C Connor Bishop (54 snaps, 11th career start)
*RT Connor Finucane (53 snaps, 2nd career start)
*LT Boobie Law (46 snaps, 3rd career starter)
QB Christian Anderson (40 snaps, 15 carries, 55 yards, TD, 1-of-2, 40 yards, TD)
T Kam Holloway (36 snaps)
*SB Tyrell Robinson (36 snaps, 7th career start, 3 carries, 12 yards, 1 catch, 40 yards, TD)
*SB Brandon Walters (34 snaps, 11th career start)
SB A.J. Howard (33 snaps, 2 carries, 20 yards, TD)
SB Braheam Murphy (32 snaps, 1 carry, minus 2 yards, 1 catch, 32 yards, TD)
*TE Josh Lingenfelter (30 snaps, 1st career start)
G Zack Ward (29 snaps)
TE Chris Cameron (26 snaps)
FB Cade Barnard (22 snaps, 3 carries, 14 yards)
WR Sean Eckert (20 snaps, 1 catch, 26 yards)
WR Reikan Donaldson (20 snaps, 1 target)
*WR Cole Caterbone (19 snaps, 3rd career start)
*QB Tyhier Tyler (18 snaps, 5th career start, 8 carries, 36 yards, 1-for-1, 26 yards)
FB Anthony Adkins (17 snaps, 8 carries, 32 yards)
FB Jakobi Buchanan (15 snaps, 11 carries, 38 yards, TD)
*FB Tyson Riley (12 snaps, 1st career start, 6 carries, 27 yards, TD)
WR Isaiah Alston (10 snaps)
WR Mike Roberts (10 snaps)
QB Jemel Jones (8 snaps, 5 carries, 13 yards, 1-for-1, 32 yards, TD)
WR Brandon Jones (7 snaps)
FB Wilson Catoe (7 snaps, 3 carries, 9 yards)
G Sam Barczak (5 snaps)
T Simon Dellinger (5 snaps)
C Jackson Filipowicz (5 snaps)
QB Jabari Laws (5 snaps, 2 carries, 6 yards)
SB Laquan Veney (5 snaps)
T Ben Koch (2 snaps)
G Beau Lombardi (2 snaps)

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