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Offense Breakdown: Air Force

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive linemen Jordyn Law, Mike Johnson, Connor Bishop and Luke McCleery played all 73 snaps in Army’s 10-7 win over Air Force.

Running back Brandon Walters topped all skilled players with 65 snaps.

Quarterback Christian Anderson and Tyhier Tyler combined for 34 of Army’s 71 carries and rushed for 147 total yards of the team’s 290 yards.

Jakobi Buchanan (86 yards) led the Black Knights in rushing for the second time this season.

The Black Knights did not have a chunk play (20 yards). Army’s longest play was 16 yards three times by Christian Anderson, Jakobi Buchanan and Tyrell Robinson.

Snap Count (As chartered off DVR)

C Connor Bishop: 73 snaps, 10th start of season,
LG Mike Johnson: 73 snaps, 11th start of season
LT Jordyn Law: 73 snaps, second start of season
RT Luke McCleery: 73 snaps, eighth start of season
SB Brandon Walters: 65 snaps, 10th start of season
RG Peyton Reeder: 53 snaps, ninth start of season
QB Christian Anderson: 48 snaps, 18 carries, 85 yards
FB Jakobi Buchanan: 47 snaps, 21 carries, 86 yards, TD
TE Chris Cameron: 46 snaps
SB Tyrell Robinson: 42 snaps, sixth start of season, 5 carries, 32 yards, 1 catch, 0 yards
SB A.J. Howard: 40 snaps, 2 carries, 7 yards
WR Mike Roberts: 40 snaps
WR Cole Caterbone: 28 snaps, first start of season
WR Reikan Donaldson: 28 snaps, fifth start of season
QB Tyhier Tyler: 25 snaps, 16 carries, 62 yards, third start of season
FB Sandon McCoy: 20 snaps, 5 carries, 14 yards, 10th start of season
RG Connor Finucane: 18 snaps
FB Tyson Riley: 5 snaps, 1 carry, 2 yards
TE Shayne Buckingham: 2 snaps
RG Dean Powell: 2 snaps

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