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Depth chart: Coastal Carolina

Photo by Margaret Kite/Black Knight Nation

Army could have as many as seven players making their first college start in its season opener at Coastal Carolina Saturday.

Junior guard Jackson Filipowicz, junior tackle Shayne Buckingham, junior slotback Ay’Jaun Marshall, junior nose tackle Isaiah Filisi, junior apache Jimmy Ciarlo, sophomore inside linebacker Kalvyn Crummie and senior safety D’Andre Tobias are listed with the first team in Army’s initial depth chart for the 2022 season. Crummie is the lone sophomore starter.

Senior Tyhier Tyler is the starting quarterback with senior Cade Ballard as the No. 2.

The only position that has co-starters is kicker with incumbent and senior Cole Talley, whose last kick was a walk-off field goal against Missouri in the Armed Forces Bowl, and junior Quinn Maretzki, who was sharp in the preseason.

Junior Billy Boehlke is the No. 1 punter with Talley as the backup.

There are no freshman on the two-deep and six sophomores (Crummie, slotback Miles Stewart, guard Will Jeffcoat, tight end Blane Cleaver, apache Chance Keith, safety Max DiDomenico) on the second team.

Roster update: A couple of freshmen have changed their practice numbers to gameday, potentially indicating that they are making the trip to South Carolina: CB Donavan Platt is now listed as No. 13, fullback Hayden Reed is No. 39, linebacker Eric Ford is No. 43; apache Noah Short is No. 47 and defensive end Kemari Copeland is No. 83.

QB: Tyhier Tyler, Sr., 5-8, 185; Cade Ballard, Sr., 5-9, 200
FB: Tyson Riley, Jr., 6-2, 260; Jakobi Buchanan, Sr., 6-foot, 260
SB: Tyrell Robinson, Jr., 5-9, 180; Miles Stewart, Soph., 5-10, 200
SB: Ay’Jaun Marshall, Jr., 5-11, 187; Braheam Murphy, Sr., 5-10, 185
WR: Isaiah Alston, Jr., 6-4, 200; Cole Caterbone, Sr., 6-1, 200
TE: Josh Lingenfelter, Jr., 6-3, 240; Blane Cleaver, Soph., 6-2, 233
LT: Boobie Law, Jr., 6-4, 275; David Hayward, Jr., 6-3, 267
LG: Jackson Filipowicz, Jr.; 6-3, 260; Aidan Gaines, Jr., 6-foot, 290
C: Connor Bishop, Sr., 6-3, 290; Connor Finucane, Jr., 6-4, 285
RG: Connor Finucane, Jr., 6-4. 285; Will Jeffcoat, Soph., 6-2, 295
RT: Shayne Buckingham, Jr. 6-4, 290; Simon Dellinger, Jr., 6-3, 265

DE: Kwabena Bonsu, Sr., 6-4, 280; Chris Frey, Sr., 6-5, 280
NT: Isaiah Filisi, Jr.; 6-3, 300; Tyler Komorowski, Sr.; 6-3, 285
DE: Nate Smith, Sr., 6-3, 270; Austin Hill, Jr., 6-1, 250
OLB: Andre Carter, Sr., 6-7, 265; Fabrice Voyne, Sr., 6-2, 220
ILB: Kalvyn Crummie Soph., 6-1, 240; Peyton Hampton, Sr., 6-1, 226
ILB: Leo Lowin, Jr., 6-foot, 210; Cam O’Gara, Jr., 6-foot, 230
Apache: Jimmy Ciarlo, Jr., 6-2, 220; Chance Keith, Soph., 5-11, 200
CB: Jabari Moore, Jr., 5-11, 195; Bo Nicolas-Paul, Jr., 5-11, 190
CB: Cam Jones, Sr., 5-9, 185; Isaiah Morris, Sr., 5-11, 185
FS: D’Andre Tobias, Sr., 5-11, 200; Max DiDomenico, Soph., 6-foot, 200
SS: Marquel Broughton, Sr., 5-10, 205; Quindrelin Hammonds, Jr., 6-foot, 188

Special teams
K: Cole Talley, Sr., 6-foot, 205; Quinn Maretzki, Jr., 5-10, 180
P: Billy Boehlke, Jr., 6-foot, 205; Cole Talley, Sr., 6-foot, 205
LS: Ryan Aguilar, Sr., 6-3, 220; Austin Hill, Jr., 6-1, 250
KR: Tyrell Robinson, Jr., 5-9, 180
PR: Tyrell Robinson, Jr., 5-9, 180

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