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Defense breakdown: UTSA

Freshman cornerback Donavan Platt received some high praise from defensive coordinator Nate Woody after his first career start against UTSA.

With seniors Cam Jones and Isaiah Morris unavailable due to injuries, Platt stepped up making seven tackles and playing all 81 defensive snaps Saturday.

“Donavan is a really good athlete,” Woody said. “You can see that in practice. He just sort of stands out.

“Donavan was running with that third team and stepped up and did some good things. There are some things he’ll learn along the way, where he’ll continue to grow and get better and better. I expect by the time he leaves here he’ll be one of the best at corner that has played here.”

Platt made his college debut, playing eight snaps in Army’s season opener at Coastal Carolina. He held his own against UTSA’s talented corps of receivers Saturday. UTSA found Platt’s coverage a couple of times, one on a touchdown pass on 3rd-and-20. Woody said he probably should have slid safety help over on that play.

Junior linebacker Cam O’Gara made the most out of his 15 snaps with five tackles and his first career sack. He officially shared the sack with Andre Carter and gave the all-American the credit for making the play happen.

Carter had 2.5 sacks, his fifth multi-sack game of his career.

Twenty-eight players logged snaps for Army, up from 23 last week.

Senior nose tackle Darius Richardson also made his first career start.

Here’s a breakdown of the 81 snaps (as charted off DVR):

*CB Jabari Moore (81 snaps): 5 tackles, 2 pass breakups, 27th career start
*CB Donavan Platt (81 snaps): 7 tackles, 1st career start
*LB Andre Carter (76 snaps): 6 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 2.5 tackles for loss, 17th career start
*Apache Jimmy Ciarlo (67 snaps): 4 tackles, 1 pass breakup, 2nd career start
*LB Leo Lowin (65 snaps): 9 tackles, 7th career start
*S Marquel Broughton (59 snaps): 8 tackles, 3 pass breakups, 27th career start
*S Quindrelin Hammonds (57 snaps): 6 tackles, 2nd career start
*DE Nate Smith (47 snaps): 3 tackles, 4th career start
DL Austin Hill (43 snaps): 4 tackles
*DE Kwabena Bonsu (40 snaps): 2 tackles, 28th career start
*NT Darius Richardson (39 snaps): 1 tackle, 1st career start
S Aaron Bibbins (36 snaps): 1 quarterback hurry
*LB Kalvyn Crummie (36 snaps): 9 tackles, 2nd career start
NT Tyler Komorowski (26 snaps): 1 tackle
LB Spencer Jones (22 snaps): 1 tackle
DE Chris Frey (21 snaps)
LB Jackson Powell (20 snaps): 2 tackles, 1 quarterback hurry
S D’Andre Tobias (17 snaps): 1 tackle
LB Cam O’Gara (15 snaps): 5 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, 0.5 sacks
LB Peyton Hampton (12 snaps)
CB Bo Nicolas-Paul (12 snaps): 3 tackles
DE Trey Sofia (4 snaps)
NT Isaiah Filisi (3 snaps)
LB Fabrice Voyne (3 snaps)
S Max DiDomenico (1 snap): 1 tackle
LB Brett Gerena (1 snap)
Apache Chance Keith (1 snap)
LB Noah Short (1 snap)

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