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Offense breakdown: Wake Forest

Senior tackle Mason Kolinchak played all 82 snaps in Army’s 70-56 loss to Wake Forest.

Sophomore slotback Ay’Jaun Marshall and sophomore tackle Shayne Buckingham made their season debuts.

Here’s a player breakdown of the 82 snaps (as charted off DVR, breakdown of fake field goal is below * – starter):

*T Mason Kolinchak (82 snaps): 4th career start
*C Connor Bishop (79 snaps): 13th career start
*G Noah Knapp (73 snaps): 14th career start
*T Boobie Law (71 snaps): 9th career start
*G Connor Finucane (66 snaps): 8th career start
*WR Cole Caterbone (61 snaps): 7th career start
*SB Brandon Walters (56 snaps): 4 carries 41 yards, TD, 1 catch, 39 yards, 17th career start
WR Isaiah Alston (55 snaps): 6 catches, 107 yards, 2 TDs
*SB Tyrell Robinson (54 snaps): 11 carries, 98 yards, 3 catches, 33 yards, TD, 13th career start
WR Reikan Donaldson (42 snaps): 1 carry, 9 yards
QB Jabari Laws (39 snaps): 9-for-11, 140 yards, 3 TDs, 10 carries, 9 yards
FB Cade Barnard (34 snaps): 4 carries, 16 yards
QB Tyhier Tyler (34 snaps): 15 carries, 104 yards, TD
FB Anthony Adkins (32 snaps): 10 carries, 93 yards
G Dean Powell (28 snaps)
SB A.J. Howard (27 snaps): 4 carries, 24 yards
SB Braheam Murphy (23 snaps): 1 carry, 4 yards
*FB Jakobi Buchanan (12 snaps): 7 carries, 14 yards, 2nd career start
T Shayne Buckingham (11 snaps): Season debut
*QB Christian Anderson (9 snaps): 10th career start, 1-for-1, 39 yards, 1 carry, -4 yards
*TE Chris Cameron (5 snaps): 7th career start
RB Ay’Jaun Marshall (3 snaps): Season debut
FB Tyson Riley (3 snaps): 1 carry, 6 yards
FB Wilson Catoe (1 snap)
WR Ryan Jackovic (1 snap)
WR Mike Roberts (1 snap)

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