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Offense breakdown: Miami (Ohio)

Center Noah Knapp, guard Connor Finucane and Dean Powell and tackle Kam Holloway played all 68 offensive snaps in Army’s 23-10 win over Miami (Ohio).

Offensive coordinator Brent Davis called Knapp’s effort, “heroic” as he batted through flu-like symptoms.

“He was throwing up after every series,” Davis said. “He never said a word and continued to grind and play. He really played well. Just the grit he showed to battle through that. He didn’t practice on Friday. He wasn’t around the hotel much. He was getting IV’d. He wasn’t in good shape and battled through it. The inspiration that was for the guys around him was big for that game.”

Possessions: 11. Touchdowns – 3.  Turnovers – 0. Punts – 5. Three-and-outs – 1. Drive of 7 or more plays – 3 (TD, FG). Longest drive – 18 plays, 99 yards, 10:51, fourth quarter, TD

Third-down conversions: 8-of-18. Fourth-down conversions: 3-for-3

Time of Possession: 39 minutes, 36 seconds

Average starting field position (in regulation): Army 32. Best start: Miami 14 (after blocked punt).

Rushing (3) – Christian Anderson, 72 yards, 1st quarter (4th of season, 12th career), 75 yards, second quarter (5th season, 13th career); Anthony Adkins 3 yards, fourth quarter (3rd season, 8th career)

20+-yard plays:  5 (all running). Christian Anderson 72 yards, first quarter, 21 yards, first quarter, 75 yards, second quarter, 42 yards, third quarter; Anthony Adkins, 21 yards, third quarter

Triple-option distribution: Quarterback (Christian Anderson, Tyhier Tyler) 23 carries, 246 yards, 2 TDs; Fullbacks (Jakobi Buchanan, Anthony Adkins, Cade Barnard) 28 carries, 103 yards, TD; Slotbacks (Tyrell Robinson, Brandon Walters, A.J. Howard) 9 carries, 53 yards

Here’s a player breakdown of the 70 snaps (as charted off DVR, * – starter):

*G Connor Finucane (68 snaps): 5th career start
*T Kam Holloway (68 snaps): 2nd career start
*C Noah Knapp (68 snaps): 11th career start
*G Dean Powell (68 snaps): 8th career start
*T Boobie Law (66 snaps): 6th career start
*QB Christian Anderson (54 snaps): 15 carries, 236 yards (career high), 2 TD, 0-for-5, passing, 9th career start
*SB Tyrell Robinson (46 snaps): 8 carries, 36 yards, 10th career start
*SB Brandon Walters (44 snaps): 1 carry, 9 yards, 14th career start
*WR Cole Caterbone (38 snaps): 6th career start
*FB Jakobi Buchanan (26 snaps): 15 carries, 46 yards, 1st career start
*TE Chris Cameron (26 snaps): 5th career start
WR Reikan Donaldson (26 snaps): 1 carry, -8 yards
FB Cade Barnard (25 snaps): 4 carries, 13 yards
SB Braheam Murphy (24 snaps):
WR Isaiah Alston (22 snaps):
SB AJ Howard (22 snaps): 2 carries, 4 yards
TE Josh Lingenfelter (19 snaps):
FB Anthony Adkins (17 snaps): 9 caries, 42 yards, TD
QB Tyhier Tyler (14 snaps): 8 carries, 10 yards
T Simon Dellinger (2 snaps)

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