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Offense Breakdown: Liberty Bowl

Four Army offensive linemen played all 65 snaps in 24-21 loss to West Virginia.

Seniors Mike Johnson, Peyton Reeder and JB Hunter did not come off the field on offense in their final game. Center Noah Knapp, who was starting for Connor Bishop, also took all 65 snaps.

Freshman Ay’Jaun Marshall played the most snaps (37) of any slotback.

Thought fullback Anthony Adkins would have played more with the absence of Jakobi Buchanan. Adkins saw action on 14 snaps.

Artice Hobbs, who played most of his career as a slotback, was in on 20 snaps as wide receiver in his last game.

Army running backs did not have a carry of 10 or more yards. Quarterback Christian Anderson had Army’s longest run – 13 yards – late in the fourth quarter.

Fullbacks Anthony Adkins, Cade Barnard and Sandon McCoy for 21 carries and just 53 yards. Twice fullbacks were dropped for a loss which rarely happens.

Army’s offense did not commit a penalty.

Snap Count (As chartered off DVR)

LG Mike Johnson: 65 snaps, 12th start of season
RT JB Hunter: 65 snaps
C Noah Knapp: 65 snaps
RG Peyton Reeder: 65 snaps
T Mason Kolinchak: 58 snaps
QB Tyhier Tyler: 49 snaps, 24 carries, team-high 76 yards, 3 TDs
TE Chris Cameron: 40 snaps, 1 catch, 32 yards
FB Sandon McCoy: 37 snaps, 11th start of season, 8 carries, 18 yards
SB Ay’Jaun Marshall: 37 snaps, 3 carries, 7 yards
SB Brandon Walters: 34 snaps, 11th start of season, 2 carries, 9 yards
SB Braheam Murphy: 31 snaps, 2 carries, 1 yard
SB AJ Howard: 28 snaps, 3 carries, 18 yards, 1 catch, 6 yards
WR Cole Caterbone: 25 snaps, 2 catches, 19 yards
WR Artice Hobbs: 20 snaps
WR Sean Eckert: 18 snaps
QB Christian Anderson; 16 snaps, 4 carries, 18 yards, 4-for-6 passing, 57 yards, INT
WR Reikan Donaldson: 15 snaps, 6th start of the season
FB Anthony Adkins: 14 snaps, 9 carries, 26 yards
FB Cade Barnard: 14 snaps, 4 carries, 9 yards
WR Mike Roberts: 12 snaps
LT Kam Holloway: 7 snaps, 1st career start

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Don Davison

    January 9, 2021 at 9:53 PM

    Reeder and Hunter played a ton of snaps for Army during their careers. Johnson endured and played a hell of a senior year. Too bad so many players and the OC had to miss the Liberty Bowl.

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