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Offense breakdown (Delaware State): Lucas Scott impresses in first start

Photo by Lynn Fern/Black Knight Nation

Lucas Scott was ready for his first college football start so much that a sense of calmness set in before Saturday’s home opener against Delaware State.

Scott trusted the coaching staff and his teammates as he lined up as Army’s right guard. And, it showed.

Army coaches recognized Scott as the team’s co-offensive player of the week following the Black Knights’ 57-0 win. Scott played 42 snaps, tying a team-high with right tackle Connor Finucane.

“You put so much work in toward that,” Scott said. “We worked so hard in the offseason. We work so hard in camp. Everyone on this team does. You feel so prepared and ready to go out and help the team in any way possible whether it’s field goal or PAT (extra points), starting or rotating in.

“Whatever you can do, this brotherhood is real and being able to help is amazing.”

Scott, a New York all-state running back/linebacker out of Chenango Forks, couldn’t have picture himself as a 305-pound FBS offensive lineman when he first committed to Army. He was a scout-team defensive lineman his freshman season at West Point. Scott has embraced the move to offensive line ever since changing from tight end about a year ago.

“That wasn’t in sight for me,” said Scott of playing offensive line. “I didn’t see that coming. I’m happy with it. I love playing offensive line here. I love the brotherhood that we have and I love protecting (quarterback) Bryson Daily.”

Scott was a running back and linebacker from Pee Wee football through high school. The first time that Scott had his hand in the ground was when he made the lineman switch. A state championship wrestler and standout lacrosse player in high school, Scott’s athleticism has been beneficial during the transition.

“I think it (being a good athlete) helps a lot with being able to move well, stay on your feet and balance down in the trenches,” Scott said. “When you are running some plays, you have to keep your balance and I think having a good base and being athletic is a big advantage.

“The biggest thing for me was learning how to play with pad level and move with the base and just not try and run around everywhere.”

Scott’s improvement is one of the reasons why Army could make a shift in its offensive line Saturday. Finucane moved from right guard to right tackle. Shayne Buckingham switched from right tackle to left tackle. Offensive coordinator Drew Thatcher has been impressed with Scott’s toughness.

“Lucas Scott is a grinder,” Thatcher said. “He doesn’t say much. He just gets out there and works. He’s been banged up at times and he won’t come out. He continues to play and continues to work.”

Offensive breakdown

Possessions: 12. Touchdowns – 8.  Turnovers – 1. Punts – 1. Three-and-outs – 1. Drives of 7 or more plays – 2 (2 TDs). Longest drive – 13 plays, 80 yards, 6:26, third quarter, touchdown.

Third-down conversions: 2-of-7. Fourth-down conversions: 4-for-4

Time of Possession: 28 minutes, 21 seconds

Average starting field position (in regulation): Army 48. Best start: Delaware State 16. Army started seven of its 12 possessions in Delaware State territory.

Red-zone offense (inside opponent’s 20-yard line): 5 possessions, 5 touchdowns.

Touchdowns: Rushing (5) – Bryson Daily 13 yards, first quarter, 3rd career rushing TD; 4 yards, second quarter, 4th career rushing TD; Jakobi Buchanan, 1 yard, third quarter, 25th career rushing TD; Larry Robinson, 23 yards, fourth quarter, 1st career rushing TD; Kanye Udoh, 5 yards, fourth quarter, 1st career rushing TD

Passing (3): Isaiah Alston 59 yards (Bryson Daily), first quarter, 5th career TD catch; 70 yards (Bryson Daily), second quarter, 6th career TD catch; Tyson Riley 16 yards (Bryson Daily), second quarter, 1st career TD catch

20+-yard plays: 8. Rushing – Ay’Jaun Marshall 35-yard run; Bryson Daily 23-yard run; Larry Robinson 23-yard run, 20-yard run. Receiving – Isaiah Alston 70-yard catch, 59-yard catch; Tyler Brennan 25-yard catch; Tyson Riley 23-yard catch

Negative-yardage plays: 2. Rushing – Zach Mundell -3 yards; Markel Johnson -3 yards

Penalties: 1. Holding.

Here’s a player breakdown of the 58 snaps (as charted off DVR, * – starter)

*RT Connor Finucane (42 snaps): 27th straight start
*RG Lucas Scott (42 snaps): co-offensive player of the week, 1st career start
*QB Bryson Daily (37 snaps): 8-for-11, 193 yards, 3 TDs, 9 carries, 65 yards, 2 TDs, 2nd career start
*C Brady Small (33 snaps): 2nd career start
G Sam Barczak (32 snaps)
*LT Shayne Buckingham (28 snaps): 9th career start
C Beau Lombardi (26 snaps)
*WR Noah Short (26 snaps): 1 catch, 7 yards, 1 carry, 4 yards, 1st career start
TE Will Montesi (21 snaps)
TE-H-BACK Tyson Riley (21 snaps): 2 catches, 38 yards, TD
*WR Liam Fortner (20 snaps): 1st career start
*WR Isaiah Alston (19 snaps): 3 catches, 135 yards, 3 TDs, 10th career start
TE David Crossan (19 snaps)
WR Casey Reynolds (19 snaps): 2 catches, 20 yards
T Boobie Law (17 snaps)
*WR Ay’Jaun Marshall (17 snaps): 2 carries, 44 yards, 8th career start
T David Hoyt (16 snaps)
*RB Miles Stewart (15 snaps): 2 carries, 11 yards, 3rd career start
WR Bryce Davis (14 snaps)
*LG Jackson Filipowicz (13 snaps): 13th career start
#QB Champ Harris (13 snaps): 3-for-4, 45 yards, 2 carries, 8 yards, college debut
G Matt Adoghe (13 snaps)
RB Markel Johnson (13 snaps): 6 carries, 26 yards
RG Tanner Bivins (12 snaps):
RB Jakobi Buchanan (12 snaps): 7 carries, 13 yards, TD
RB Hayden Reed (12 snaps): 3 carries, 17 yards
TE AJ Williams (10 snaps)_
T Ned Brady (8 snaps)
WR Tyler Brennan (8 snaps): 1 catch, 25 yards
WR Zach Mundell (8 snaps): 2 catches, 13 yards, 2 carries, -2 yards
#WR Tobi Olawole (8 snaps)
#QB Larry Robinson (8 snaps): 4 carries, 63 yards, TD, college debut
WR Taylor Saulsberry (8 snaps)
WR Cam Schurr (8 snaps)
#RB Kanye Udoh (8 snaps): 5 carries, 32 yards, TD
T David Hayward (5 snaps)
RG Braden Bartosh (4 snaps)
#WR Chris Williams (2 snaps)

* starter
# freshman

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