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Recruiting: Pa. running back Trey Tremba chooses Army

Trey Tremba has always been interested in flying but he inspired to be more than a normal pilot.

The opportunities beyond the norm were offered by Army, Navy and Air Force during his college football recruiting.

As Tremba continued to talk to Army linebackers coach John Loose in recruiting, he received multiple contacts to West Point graduates, who pursued aviation. The first two people that Tremba called were former tight end Rob Dickerson and former safety Mike McFadden, both Army helicopter pilots. The conversations focused on the longer commitment as a pilot, a pilot’s life and the benefits of attending and graduating from West Point.

Tremba felt like Army could be his school after receiving the knowledge. His most recent West Point visit helped solidify Tremba’s decision Friday. He called Loose Saturday with his commitment to Army.

“I really liked both of the other academies but Army was ultimately the best place for me because it was only two hours from my house and my family is very important to me,” Tremba said. “So, they can make every Army home game and I can go home on weekends.

“Air Force, being out in Colorado, is a long trip and that makes it hard to see family and for them to come to games. Between Army and Navy, Army had more opportunities in the service that I was interested if I couldn’t be a pilot and I didn’t want to live on a ship in the ocean.

Tremba added, “I also liked the campus and facilities at Army better. I felt the most at home at Army.”

Tremba’s commitment ended a relatively lengthy recruiting process with Army. Tremba earned underclassmen running back MVP honors at Army’s prospect camp last summer. He attended an Army’s home game against UConn last season and received an offer from the Black Knights in February.

The 5-foot-10, 195-pound Tremba brings speed to Army’s 2024 recruiting class. He’s run the 100-meter dash in 10.81 seconds and is a Pennsylvania district champion in the sprinting event. Tremba rushed for 1,238 yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior. He also considers himself both, “a downhill runner and (a running back) that can go out for passes from the backfield or slot.” Tremba, who is also a powerlifter, also caught five touchdown passes in 2022.

Tremba looks to continue military service in his family. His father, Matt, was an enlisted Marine.

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