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Depth chart: Louisiana-Monroe

There may be only four running backs listed on Army’s initial depth chart for Saturday’s season opener at Louisiana-Monroe.

But, truth is the position may be the team’s deepest. The Black Knights’ move to a shotgun offense has combined former B-backs (fullbacks) Jakobi Buchanan, Tyson Riley, Hayden Reed, Markel Johnson and Jarel Dickson with former slotback Miles Stewart. Freshman Kanye Udoh also emerged as an option in the preseason.

“From guys that can run hard downhill to guys that can make you miss in space, I’m excited,” said Army first-year running backs coach Darren Paige. “It’s going to be tough to game plan and take one aspect away because these guys are so versatile and they’ve really taken to the offense and have done a great job with the fundamentals and the techniques and improving every day.

“The thing about Tyson and Jakobi is that they’ve been playing B-back for the majority of their careers to go back to what some of those guys did in high school, it’s been refreshing to them.”

Freshman Brady Small is listed as the starting center. Larry Robinson, Army’s No. 3 quarterback, is only other freshman on the depth chart.

Jeff Monken said during his Tuesday press conference that freshmen linebackers Tano Letuli and Elo Modozie are also on the travel squad.

Sophomore Liam Fortner is a No. 1 wide receiver alongside Isaiah Alston and Ay’Jaun Marshall.

A couple of jersey numbers changes to note: safety Casey Larkins is No. 20 and junior guard Lucas Scott is No. 65.

Here’s Army’s official depth chart:

QB: Bryson Daily, 6-foot, 205, Jr.; Dewayne Coleman, 5-10, 195, Soph.; Larry Robinson, 5-10, 189, Fr.
RB: Miles Stewart, 5-10, 195, Jr.; Hayden Reed, 6-foot, 215, Soph.
RB: Jakobi Buchanan, 6-foot, 255, Sr.; Tyson Riley, 6-2, 255, Sr.
WR: Isaiah Alston, 6-4, 195, Sr.; Veshe Daniyan, 6-1, 195, Sr.
WR: Liam Fortner, 6-1, 205, Soph.; Casey Reynolds, 6-2, 195, Jr.
Slot Receiver: Ay’Jaun Marshall, 5-11, 185, Sr.; Noah Short, 6-foot, 190, Soph.
TE: Josh Lingenfelter, 6-3, 250, Sr.; David Crossan, 6-3, 250, Jr.
LT: Boobie Law, 6-4, 305, Sr.; David Hayward, 6-4, 280, Sr.
LG: Jackson Filipowicz, 6-3, 295, Sr.; Sam Barczak, 6-2, 305, Sr.
C: Brady Small, 6-foot, 309, Fr.; Beau Lombardi, 6-2, 300, Sr.
RG: Connor Finucane, 6-4, 315, Sr.; Lucas Scott, 6-3, 305, Jr.
RT: Shayne Buckingham, 6-4, 305, Sr.; David Hoyt, 6-4, 315, Jr.

DE: Austin Hill, 6-1, 255, Sr.; Nate Smith, 6-3, 265, Sr.
NT: Kyle Lewis, 6-3, 280, Jr.: Darius Richardson, 6-2, 300, Sr.
DE: Chris Frey, 6-5, 265, Sr.; Jack Latore, 6-5,, 280, Soph.
DOG/EDGE: Trey Sofia, 6-6, 240, Jr.; Jackson Powell, 6-foot, 237. Sr.
Apache: Jimmy Ciarlo, 6-2, 220, Sr.; Chance Keith, 5-11, 200, Jr.
ILB: Leo Lowin, 6-1, 210, Sr.; Cam O’Gara, 6-foot, 225, Sr.
ILB: Spencer Jones, 6-1, 225, Sr.; Kalib Fortner, 6-1, 220, Soph.
CB: Jabari Moore, 5-11, 191, Sr., Damon Washington, 5-11, 195, Jr.
CB: Cameron Jones, 5-9, 185, Sr.; Bo Nicolas-Paul, 5-11, 180, Sr.
S: Quindrelin Hammonds, 6-foot, 188, Sr.; Aaron Bibbins, 6-1, 194, Sr.
S: Max DiDomenico, 6-foot, 215, Jr.; Casey Larkin, Soph., 6-foot, 195

Special teams
Kicker: Cole Talley, 6-foot, 205, Sr. or Quinn Maretzki, 5-11, 195, Sr.
Punter: Cooper Allan, 6-2, 214, Soph. or Billy Boehlke, 6-foot, 196, Sr.
Long snapper: Cole McCutcheon, 5-11, 205, Sr.; Austin Hill, 6-1, 255, Sr.
KR: Miles Stewart, 5-10,, 195, Jr.; Cameron Jones, 5-9, 185, Sr.; Bo Nicolas-Paul, 5-11, 180, Sr.
PR: Cameron Jones, 5-9, 185, Sr.; Jabari Moore, 5-11, 191, Sr.

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