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Defense Breakdown: Liberty Bowl

Linebacker Arik Smith and defensive backs Javhari Bourdeau, Marquel Broughton, Cedrick Cunningham and Malkelm Morrison played all 69 defensive snaps against West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl.

Freshman linebacker Spencer Jones took 66 snaps in his first career start.

The Black Knights allowed just 1.6 yards per carry on 27 West Virginia runs.

Snap Count (As charted off DVR)
CB Javhari Bourdeau: 69 snaps, 2 tackles, interception, tackle for loss, pass breakup
S Marquel Broughton: 69 snaps, 6 tackles, 12th start of season
S Cedrick Cunningham: 69 snaps, 6 tackles, 2 pass breakups, tackle for loss, 11th start of season
Apache Malkelm Morrison: 69 snaps, 3 tackles, sack, tackle for loss, forced fumble
LB Arik Smith: 69 snaps, 7 tackles, 2th start of season
LB Spencer Jones: 66 snaps, 6 tackles, tackle for loss
DE Ryan Duran: 64 snaps, 3 tackles, sack, tackle for loss, fumble recovery, quarterback hurry
CB Jabari Moore: 63 snaps, 4 tackles, 10th start of season
DE Kwabena Bonsu: 53 snaps, 2 tackles, sack, tackle for loss, pass breakup
DE Nolan Cockrill: 53 snaps, 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 12th start of season
LB Andre Carter: 52 snaps, 4 tackles
DE Amadeo West: 19 snaps
LB Nate Smith: 17 snaps, quarterback hurry
NT Nick Stokes: 16 snaps, tackle
CB Julian McDuffie: 9 snaps, pass breakup
DE Jordan Funk 2 snaps, tackle, tackle for loss in

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